Yes, it’s been quiet here. I guess that’s because I’ve pretty much exhausted the material on Harry.

I decided to use the blog as the basis for a more coherent work that interweaves my journey with a fictionalised account of his. I pitched it to small publishers in Australia and South Africa last year and if the news had been good, you would have heard about it here. With hindsight, my expectation of finding a traditional home for a mixed-genre work that uses an unknown personality as its pretext, was unrealistic. I have learned from the experience and while the project has been shelved for the time being, it is not dead.

In the meantime, I’ve moved on to other things. I’m writing short stories which I pitch – successively! – to any journal and magazine that cares to read them. The writers out there will appreciate the hard yakka this involves. But I’m enjoying this, and it’s taken my writing in some interesting directions, some of which I had not anticipated. You can read about that and more in my other blog, Some Place In Sydney https://someplaceinsydney.wordpress.com/ where I am posting more regularly. I’d be delighted for you to follow me there.

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